Why Work for Thrive

We’re building a team of exceptional educators and staff members who bring high expectations, innovative ideas and welcoming hearts to the table. Working at Thrive will not be the easiest job, but it just might be the best. If you are passionate about working in a collaborative, community-minded environment that is focused on supporting student success through evidenced-based practices and strong relationships, take a look at what Thrive has to offer.

Making a Difference

We know that we have set our sights high. Eliminating the opportunity gap is not going to happen overnight. And it is going to take a lot of dedication, focus and hard work. But along with a big vision comes a reward: knowing that with each day, each lightbulb moment and each successful Thrive graduate, we are making a difference that changes lives, launches bright futures and ultimately has the power to bring about positive multigenerational change.


Thrive School is a dynamic environment, a place where ideas are shared, feedback is welcomed and everyone has a seat at the table. Part of what makes Thrive special is our expansive approach to the school community where everyone, from students and teachers to parents and bus drivers are all working together towards a common goal.

Professional Growth

As Thrive, we want our staff to feel supported, prepared and valued. We invest in our team and are building a culture of lifelong learning.Through targeted professional learning opportunities, Thrive will equip educators and leaders with knowledge and tools in a variety of areas, from instructional approaches to STEM learning to supporting social and emotional development. All staff will undertake training that enables them to better support Thrive students through a more in-depth understanding of key areas such as neuroscience, trauma-responsive practices and Universal Design for Learning (UDL).


The Thrive vision of community is expansive. Fostering strong school - home connections is a central tenet of our program and we want families to feel more than just welcome. We want them to feel that their ideas and voices are heard. From day one, we talk with families about their vision of success for their children. We also want Thrive to act as a community hub, a place where friendships are built, memories are made and where each member of the community knows they have the support of an entire village behind them.

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