THRIVE Elementary School

A proposed new K-6 Elementary Public Charter School located in Central West Edmonton.
NO FEES - Planned opening September 2023 pending Alberta Education approval.

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THRIVE School provides FREE All-Day School Programming for Kindergarten to Grade 6 students that includes:

  • Full Day 8AM to 6PM school and after-school activities in sports, music, art and technology

  • Yellow bus transportation to and from school

  • All meals and snacks provided

NO FEES, everything is provided at no cost to families!

THRIVE Elementary School is designed to make it easy and accessible for families to provide their children with the best education and after-school activity available at no cost! We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to learn, grow and achieve their highest potential and the path is high-quality education, amazing after-school activities at no cost and easy access to the support services that families need. In addition to Alberta Education public school funding, our school pays for all other costs through a private donation fund by established community members that are committed to leveling the playing field for all children, regardless of their background or ability to afford the extras.

No fees or cost to families:

8am to 6pm school and after school program – Yellow Bus transportation – Meals and snacks – After school activities in sports, music lessons, art classes, and robotics/coding technology.


To receive government approval from Alberta Education for our planned opening, we need to show that families would be interested in enrolling their children on our school. To show your interest in our school and what it has to offer, please fill out the form above or email us at or call us at 780.446.2235 to leave your name and phone number. We will call you back to answer any questions and collect the information required for our list of interested parents and caregivers.Join our list today and be first to be notified when enrollment is scheduled to open in Spring 2023. Interested parent name submissions will be provided to the Alberta Ministry of Education with our application for a Public Charter School.Thrive School is located in Central Northwest Edmonton at 10735 McQueen Road. (currently under renovation)Free yellow bus transportation will be provided.

THRIVE K-6 Elementary School

Building Curious Minds, Confident Hearts, Big Futures

THRIVE School is creating something special. A FREE K-6 Public Charter School designed with your family’s needs and dreams in mind.
A place where your child’s brilliant future comes into clear focus, and anything is possible. A school that builds curious minds, confident hearts, and big futures!

A K-6 program designed for your child, building on their strengths, and providing them support when they need it.A balance of teacher-led learning and hands-on exploration.Schoolwork that goes beyond the basics to enrich reading and math plus exciting areas like robotics and computer coding.

After school, your child will have the chance to explore, grow and play through a variety of high-quality organized activities offered by the school at no cost, including sports, music lessons, and art classes.

A small school but a strong community where teachers are champions, and everyone knows your name.Aiming to be much more than a school, we will build community by hosting family-friendly events and providing a welcoming place for parents and caregivers to connect with school, with each other and with helpful community services.

We want to open as many doors as possible for every student that walks through our doors. From the school day to meaningful after-school activities, your child’s experiences will expand their world and build their confidence.Our school environment will help your child be their best, challenging them to shine and providing personalized support where and when they need it.

The proposed new THRIVE school is a Public Charter School funded by Alberta Education. It is not affiliated with a religious faith or denomination.
Enrollment is inclusive and consistent with the Alberta Human Rights Act. We welcome students from all walks of life!

Thrive Charter School Society

Contact: 780.446.2235 or email
10735 McQueen Rd., Edmonton, AB T5N 3L1